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We, SUNTEK Industries Ltd., as one of the pioneers in the field of cloth treatment for abrasive cloth, were established since 1995, with all the staff willingly concentrating on developing and producing the finest of all cloth for abrasives in the world. Constant development and investment on R&D has allowed our new products invention and high-quality control, which contributed in huge portion for domestic market development, for which reason we now enjoy our reputation also in overseas market, fairly competing with renowned major companies around the world.

Supply best quality products to the overseas markets.
- Continuous quality improvement.
- New product development by build-up of technical know-how.

Sell best products at reasonable price
- Construction of price competitiveness through productivity improvement.
- Provide reasonable price for customers' satisfaction.

Provide best service to customers'
- Prompt delivery system.
- Best technical service.
- Contribute to customers' benefits by introduction of new using technique